Angkor Botanical Garden

Angkor Botanical Garden (សួនរុក្ខជាតិអង្គរ), previously known as the Angkor Spice Garden, locates conveniently along the way to Angkor Archeological Park and just before you enter the the archeological park. Sets in a 14-hectare site, the botanical garden features local Traditional Medicinal Plants & Spices, Ornamental Grasses & Flowers Garden, Khmer Inspirational Garden, and Angkor Forest and Wildlife Garden all layout nicely in separate sections. The garden is both relaxing and educational, showcasing an astonishing array of colorful tropical plants, flowers, herbs and fruits and also some wildlife; rabbits, turtles, gibbons and fish just to name a few. This beautiful garden is really worth a visit along with the temples if you have two or three days for the temples and it only takes around one hour. In addition, the decoration of the spaces is very well done and the entire premises is well cared for and very clean. Look for small paths and it will lead you to surprises. There is also a cafe on site and few stores to sell tropical fruit and organic vegetable and herb as well. You can also eat on site (not a picnic) so do not forget to try fresh fruit on site.