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FLIGHTS BOOKING - Frequently Asked Questions
Q- How many passengers can I book online? Which flights are available in this booking? 
A- You can book a maximum of 6 seats in one transaction (including adults, children and infants with seats). Online flight booking currently is available for international and domestic flights. City name is listed in the From / To selection box.
Q- Do we have to pay for the ticket at the time of booking process?
A– If you choose payment by credit card, you will be prompt for payment immediately. If you choose to pay later, your reservation lead time for issue of ticket is 24 hours after complete of reservation.
Q. What is Reservation Code used for?
A- Reservation Code is a 6-letter code (e.g. ZEQSQE). It can be used for retrieval of your itinerary in www.virtuallythere.com.sg. It is provided at the last stage of your booking and shown on your itinerary. 
Q- What is an E-ticket and how do I use after I purchase?
A- An E-ticket, or electronic ticket, represents your reservation for a flight, but is not in a paper format. You will be supplied a Reservation Code and E ticket number as your proof of purchase. With an E-ticket, your name and flight details will be in the airline's computer. An E-ticket is NOT a boarding pass. You will still have to check-in to receive your boarding pass. All tickets purchased online are issued as electronic tickets will be sent to your registered email. If you don’t receive your E-ticket Receipt within 2 hours after purchase, please contact us for supports.
PLEASE NOTE: Some airlines regulations require you to present a printed receipt of your E-ticket purchase in order to receive a boarding pass. Please be certain to print your confirmation details page or your confirmation email and bring it with you to the airport.
Q- Can I make online booking for infant(s)?
A- Yes, you can book for infants without seat online. Infant booking it’s to complete together with the mother booking.
An infant is a child under two years of age not occupying a seat. Once children reach their second birthday, they must be seated in an approved seat and paying as the child fare.
Q- What services are offered for children traveling alone?
A- Tickets for children under the age of 15 who are traveling alone are not bookable on this site. In general, minors under the age of 18, traveling alone, may be subject to unaccompanied minor fees as determined by the selected airline. Many airlines provide or require all unaccompanied children to be escorted from point of check-in to the airplane where the child is placed in the care of a flight attendant. This service, called unaccompanied minor service, may result in a fee of $30 or more per flight segment. A parent MUST be present at check-in when a child is traveling alone. Some airlines prohibit children traveling alone from flying on the last connecting flight of the day. Please contact the airline directly to determine what requirements and fees are involved.
Q- Can I reserve a seat assignment or special meals?
A- Airlines offer reserved seat selection on most flights prior to departure. Boarding pass issuance is restricted to the day of the flight. You may request window or aisle seating on the form, special seating, or special meals arrangements in the comments field on the reservation form.
Q- Which payment methods are available?
A- We offer the following forms of payment for flight booking online:
  1) Immediate payment using credit cards: VISA and MasterCard.
        Note: For payment using credit cards:
  • Cardholder must fly with traveling party, and credit card, which is used to purchase ticket, must be verified at check-in counter at the airport. 
    During the payment process, you may be required to enter your personal password in a secure page
   2) Choose to Pay Later (acceptable by Cash, Traveler Check, Visa card/MasterCard)
         Note: By choosing Pay Later, your confirmmation can hold in following lead time
  • Flight departure within 72 hours, payment required imediately after seat confirmation.
    Flight departure after 72 hours to 4 Days, payment required within 12 hours
    Flight departure after 4 days - 7 days or later, payment required within 72 hours.
Q- What is the different between SEARCH AIR TICKET DEAL in SEARCH DEAL box and ONLINE FLIGHT BOOKING box? 
A- Some special deal air fares does not publish through our searching flight system or any airlines website because of the airlines give its promotion fare to local agent only. You can purchase it by contacting us via e-mail or call.
Q- If the name printed on my E ticket is different than my Passport, will I still be able to fly? 
A- You should ensure that the name you provide when you book your travel matches your ID or passport name you will use when traveling.
Q- What is the baggage limitation and allowance?
A- The allowance for checked baggage will be different depending on your flight routing. Baggage requirements can vary by airline and may change due to security or other regulations. Airlines reserve the right to assess an additional charge at the time of check in for three or more pieces of baggage and/or for non-standard baggage.
Q- Are taxes and fees included in the price shown?
A- Taxes and fees, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel are either included in the fare or shown separately in the "TAX" box(es) of the ticket(s). Our price shown here is includes taxes and fees which are imposed on air transportation by relevant authorities.
Q- How can I find the best fare offered online?
A- When you search flight, our online booking system will automatically search and display the best fare that available seats in each fare family. Fare in fully booked seats will not showing.  
You can Request for Lower Fares by pressing on the e-mail icon that showing under each fares and e-mail us this request.
Q- How do I make a change to my online booking or tickets booked online? 
A- For changes to an existing booking, including rerouting and change of flight date or time, please contact us. Telephone: +855- 11 893 049, email: support@angkor7thtravel.com
Q- Can I cancel my tickets booked online and how can I get refund?
A- Please contact to us or email to support@angkor7thtravel.com for further information of refunding your ticket. The refund will be credited directly to the Credit Card used to purchase the tickets online.
Note: Depending on the rules and conditions of your fare, the refund may NOT be allowed OR a refund fee may be applied.
Q- What is a schedule change?
A- Schedule changes are made by the airline when it changes flight times or numbers at its discretion. If known about in advance, a notification of changes will send to your e mail prior to your flight. Often schedule changes are unexpected and at the last minute. Changes notification can be view through our View your flight details or www.virtuallythere.com.sg. Due to some airline does not offer its schedule change notification through our system, we strongly recommend you to reconfirm your flight with local airline office or contact us at 72 hours before your departure time.
Q- Do I need a visa to enter the country I am visiting or traveling through?
A- Every country has its own laws regarding entrance by non-citizens. Please check the specific laws governing the country you are visiting. It is your sole responsibility to obtain all necessary documentation prior to your departure. 
Regardless of the ticket you purchase, applicable immigration laws apply.
Please check all appropriate laws for the country you are visiting.