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Our Team

With a qualified management team of travel industry professionals our team places emphasis on professionalism in the work ethic. A proven track record in delivery of services inspires the utmost belief – your need drives our passion for service.
For an 18 year period of discovery and reinvention of the standard accepted globally as exceptional, unique and an adventure of a lifetime we have a continual process to discover and build the perfect platforms to transform your experience in Cambodia. Perhaps that’s why we take a tremendous interest in our employees knowledge of the customs for each traveler to serve with an eye to detail.
The multilingual character of our guides, the historically adept and informed/trained nature of our guides on each detail of the places of tour on your local trail, the care to understand you better on each question or clarification you may have regarding the sites.
It’s our goal that your grasp of local dialects and anything that fascinates the adventurous character in your person is at hand as you enjoy your tour. As we say in Khmer Cambodia’s main language, ‘Svakom phnhiev del chaul mok bratesa kampouchea’ – Welcome Guests to Cambodia. Angkor7th welcomes you to Cambodia.